The Position of The National Council for Iraqi Opposition on the Crisis in Iraq and Methods for its Resolution

1-       Supporting the establishment of a national salvation government to take the responsibility of protecting the Iraqi people and preserve their rights.

2-       To bring to an end the Iranian presence and influence and all other occupations so to distance Iraq away from regional as well as international conflicts and the retrieval of its complete sovereignty.

3-       The dissolution of all militias aligned with Iran and are funded by the Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Iranian Quds Brigade by dismantling them and enlisting them on the international lists of terrorist organisations.     

4-       Preservation of Iraq's unity (people, territory and entity) and the retrieval of its national independence in order for it to become a source of stability and peace in the region.

5-       The drafting of a new constitution for Iraq based on national principles and founded on justice, citizenship, preservation of wealth and the peaceful transition of power and presenting it to the Iraq people by way of a referendum.

6-       The establishment of a national presidential system of governance whereby all Iraqis are equal in rights and obligations and allowing all Iraqis to participate in political activities.

7-       The holding of transparent democratic elections with international supervision to guarantee the rights of all Iraqis without any discrimination after ensuring the security and stability of the country.

8-       Providing media support for this national initiative.

9-       Linking Iraq’s wealth (oil and all other types of wealth) with national growth and investing it for the benefit of the nation.

10-   To put an immediate temporary stop to all death sentences until an audit is carried out as to the legal correctness of all such sentences by legally qualified committees and the release of prisoners by way of a general amnesty due to the corruption of the current justice system and investigative authorities.

11-   The establishment of a legal committee to take the responsibility of recovering Iraq’s stolen wealth and the satisfaction of its debts and putting in place a strategic plan for the reconstruction of the country ensuring its development as well as the establishment of a modern and efficient banking system.      

12-   The establishment of independent national armed forces (not allied with political parties or sects) with its loyalty to Iraq and its people without distinction/discrimination and dealing with the uncontrolled weapons and restricting the possession of arms to the state and its national military and security forces.

13-   Presenting anyone who committed a crime and caused harm to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraqi to the Justice system for a fair trial.

14-   The establishment of social peace and the provision and services for the Iraqi people.

15-   Focusing on human rights in particular the rights of women, youth and care for the children.

                                                                                                                      The National Council For Iraqi Opposition                                                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                            28 /3 / 1444 A.H.  -   24 / 10 /2022 A.D.

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